Back to basics, baby.


The glory days of university intramural basketball, circa 2002, when I was the tallest player on the team. We were…not very good.

I’m starting to get back a little bit of the basketball form I had earlier in the year. Going back to the fundamentals and not trying to do too much.

Doing too much for me means dribbling the ball (because I am truly terrible at dribbling) and shooting the rock every time I touch it. I go into this fantasy where I’m the Asian version of Ricky Davis. Number one stunna, yo.

The breakthrough happened last Wednesday. I stopped rushing my shot and looked to set up my teammates. They recognized that I stopped being a black hole and started passing back to me too. Soon we had a passing game going on. Lo and behold, I made 80% of my shots.

It was great. We were up 9-1 in a half court game. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

On Sunday I played full court and busted my ass to get rebounds and force turnovers. I played D with my feet and not with my hands. Even contested a few shots.

One of my teammates apologized to me for not playing well enough when we dropped a game. He could see that I was hustling.

The best player on the other team had an off night, but I’ll take it.

Yeah, baby. Good to know I’m old but I still got game.

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